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About your Personal Application Limit

We calculate a personal application limit for everyone who has used our service before. It's the maximum figure you can apply for. The slider will only reach to your personal application limit.

If you are new to Wonga you will see a standard limit of £400 for a Short Term Loan, £500 for a 3 month Flexi Loan and £600 for a 6 month Flexi Loan. If you have applied for a Wonga loan in the past we will calculate a personal application limit for you when you return or log on to our site.

We only want to offer you a loan we believe you can afford, so your personal application limit is designed to show you the maximum we may be able to lend you before you begin the application process. It's based on the information you've already given us and data we hold on file.

Each application is individually assessed

Once you have applied we will carefully assess your application on an individual basis, using your latest details, and taking into account the loan you have applied for, your repayment record, and information from credit reference agencies.

If our system identifies any concerns about your overall financial health, it will affect our decision about what we can lend. We may not be able to offer you a loan up to your personal application limit. We cannot guarantee that any new application will be accepted.

You should only apply for the loan you need – not for your personal application limit.

Your personal application limit will change depending on the information we have about you, and is designed to help you see what size of loan is right for you. It may go up or down in the future to reflect your financial circumstances.

Sorry – we can't discuss your personal application limit

In line with our commitment to responsible lending, we take a wide range of factors into consideration when we calculate your personal application limit. For this reason and for your security, our customer care team don't have access to the details behind these decisions. They won't be able to explain how your personal application limit has been calculated, or why any changes to it have been made.

Please note we share data with credit reference agencies. Remember, you can always request your own credit history from them, and it is a good idea to check what they have on file regularly.

You can request a copy of your credit history and get advice on how to improve your credit rating here: