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No Credit Check Payday Loans

Wonga do not offer "no credit check payday loans". We always perform a full search of an applicant's credit file at the credit reference agencies as part of our automated decision making process. However, if you need to borrow money and are thinking of applying for a payday loan, but don't want your credit file checked, there are providers who claim to offer "no credit check payday loans". However you should be wary of lenders offering "no credit check payday loans" as it may mean they do not perform sufficient checks designed to protect customers - it's important to choose a lender that does proper checks to see if you can afford a loan.

What is a no credit check payday loan?

If you apply for a "no credit check payday loan" you may think this means that your credit file won't be checked by that lender or broker. However, the reality is that all regulated lenders will need to make sure that the amount they lend you is affordable and can be repaid. They will need to carry out some form of credit check, which at the very least will include an identity check to make sure that you're not bankrupt or in an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA). It's important to read the Terms and Conditions before you apply to ensure you understand exactly what checks will be undertaken on your credit file and how the information on your credit file will be used.

Wonga perform a full credit check and ask for your address, bank and employment details when you make an application. We always assess each application individually and only lend to people we think can afford to repay on time.

Why do people look for no credit check loans?

There are usually a few reasons why people decide to look for a no credit check loan:

  • Bad credit history - Some people may have a bad credit history while some may have no history at all.
  • Credit history privacy - When lenders or brokers carry out a credit rating report on someone who wants to borrow money, the process may feel invasive and take a long time.
  • Improving credit status - By successfully repaying your loan you may be able to start building a good credit rating.

Is there anything else I need to know about "no credit check loans"?

Interest charges - Like any other loan, a no credit check loan will charge interest. Remember, the higher the interest rate, loan amount and length of borrowing, the more you'll pay back.

Small loan amounts - If you prefer not to have your credit file checked, it's likely you'll only be able to borrow a small loan - usually no more than £1000. This is because lenders consider it a risk to provide larger loans to people with no collateral.

Length of loan - No credit check loans are often very short-term to lessen the time the lender is at risk of loan defaults.

How to improve your credit score

If you want to learn more about improving your credit score visit the Money Advice Service.

When can a Wonga loan be useful?

Wonga payday loans are designed to help if you need a small amount of extra cash, for a short period of time, at short notice. You shouldn't use them to manage existing debt, or if you are already under financial strain.

How do I apply for a Wonga loan?

To apply for a Wonga loan, simply use the sliders on our Short Term Loan homepage or Flexi Loan homepage to select how much you would like to borrow and for how long. Before you apply you'll see the total cost of your loan upfront and there are no hidden fees. You can repay early in full or in part at any time and save interest, as we only charge you for the days you borrow. For more information on how much our loans cost, please see how Short Term Loans work or how Flexi Loans work.

To apply for a Wonga loan you must:

  • Be over 18
  • Be a bank account and debit card holder
  • Be a mobile phone owner
  • Live in the UK

Answering yes to these questions means you can apply for a Wonga loan, but we can't guarantee acceptance. We always assess each application individually and only lend to people we think can afford to repay on time.

Is a Wonga loan right for you?

Our products are for occasional use only. For further information, please read Is a Wonga Short Term Loan right for you or Is a Wonga Flexi Loan right for you.


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