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Can I add additional funds to my loan?

If you have a Short Term Loan, it may be possible to borrow a little more while keeping the same promise date (repayment date).

If you have a Flexi Loan, it is not currently possible to increase your loan amount.

Short Term Loan top ups

To check if you can apply for a top up, login to my account.

The amount you can top up will depend on your personal application limit and our credit and affordability assessment of you. We assess each top up application on an individual basis and we can't guarantee that your application will be successful.

Please be aware, you can only top up a loan once a day and a maximum of 3 times.

If approved, we'll send the extra money in 5 minutes. Interest is charged at the same rate as your original loan.

So, if your original loan was £200 for 20 days and you applied for an extra £50 a week before your repayment date, your total to repay will change from £232.00 to £284.80. This includes the extra £50 you borrowed and £2.80 interest.

Please consider whether to top up carefully and only apply if you're sure you can repay it. If your financial circumstances have changed, and repaying your loan has become a problem please contact us and we'll do our best to help you.