Turn your clutter into cash

Are your shelves cluttered with CDs, DVDs, books and games that (let's be honest) are just gathering dust? Clear some space and make a few quid at the same time by selling stuff you no longer need.

There’s a heap of places online, which will take your clutter off your hands and pay you for the privilege. Just make sure you do your homework first to find out which will give you the best deal, and don’t forget to check that postage or listing costs don’t wipe out your profit.

Quick fix

Selling your old stuff sounds like a great idea, but it also sounds like a great big hassle. That’s where Ziffit.com comes in. Just download its free app that scans the barcode on the back of that towering pile of DVDs or CDs and it will instantly tell you how much it will pay for it. Kerching!

Start a new chapter

Why leave your old books making a mess when they could be making you money? It’s super-simple to sell them on Amazon’s Marketplace. For a different route, Fatbrain.co.uk will snap up textbooks from school or college days, while Webuybooks.co.uk will give you an instant price for your pre-loved classics.

Build savings one brick at a time

Actually make that a kilo at a time. If you keep tripping over a box of unused Lego, get onto Zapper.co.uk where you can cash in your bricks. The site, where you can also sell electronics, books, CDs and games, pays around £7 for 2kg of Lego. Complete, old, boxed Lego kits may be sold for much more on a specialist site.

Going, going, gone…

Before all these flash apps, online auction site eBay was where you went to make a fast buck. The global marketplace can still be a winner when it comes to selling your stuff, especially box sets or collections, often getting you a better deal that the fixed price offered by some apps.

Car boot sales

This is where you can use your charm to sell stuff face to face. You can also set the price yourself and adjust it up or down depending on how sales are going. Find your local one at carbootjunction.co.uk. Be warned though, car booters drive a hard bargain and with most sales starting at the crack of dawn, you’ll need to set your alarm!