So, it's your first month in your first job...

First month at work - clothing costs
First month at work - commuting costs
First month at work - childcare costs
First month at work - socialising costs
First month at work - lunchtime costs
First month at work - extra costs

The hidden costs of a new job

So, it’s your first month in your first job, here are the costs you can expect to pay when you start working.

Clothing costs

It may not be a suit and tie kind of place, but the average price of a new work wardrobe is £150 in total.

Commuting costs

The average monthly cost of using public transport to get to work is:

  • £118 in London
  • £78 in Manchester
  • £74 in Bristol
  • £72 in Liverpool
  • £70 in Edinburgh
  • £64 in Cardiff

Childcare costs

If you have kids, the average cost of sending a child under the age of two to nursery full time is £889.44.

Socialising costs

After work drinks are great for getting to know your colleagues. The average cost of going out for drinks with work is £30 per month. With a bottle of wine costing £15, cocktails £5.50, a bottle of beer or lager and a glass of wine £3 and a pint of beer £3.50, all on average.

Lunchtime costs

You can save a lot of money by bringing in a packed lunch to work. The average monthly cost of buying lunch at work is £70.60 for those in London and £56.80 outside of it.

Extra costs

Whether it is a tea kitty, sponsorship or birthday, there are always a few little extra work costs. The average amount for these is £29.16 a month.