The 6 golden rules of budgeting

Undernourished bank balance? Just follow these easy pointers and watch as the pounds pile on ­– giving you a monthly figure to be proud of.

Begin budgeting

Budgeting your money may sound drier than a dust ball, but a budget is the best way to pinpoint those unnecessary splurges that eat into your overdraft every month. 
The instructions are simple:

Undertake a financial MOT

Do you really use that gym membership? Is Netflix worth it? Skipping a mid-morning latte could save you a whopping £630 a year! Switch utility providers and bag savings of up to £300. Use online comparison sites such as, or to help.

Don’t dine like a diva

Coveting the lifestyle of your minted mates is fine (so long as they’re paying, eh?). Simply go out less often – your wallet and your liver will love you for it.

Get saving

Put money aside, little and often, for Christmas and birthdays – at least that way, they won’t catch you out.

Enjoy being in control

Prioritise high-interest debts first and pay them off completely before moving on to the next one. Transfer balances onto an interest-free card.

Tackle smaller savings

Fish out online deals for contact lenses or supermarkets. And become financially fit, ditch the Uber and walk more.