Small changeMassive saving

Amount save by not drinking coffee daily
Amount save by not buying lunch daily
Amount saved by not doing the lottery
Amount save by not going out one night a week
Amount saved by not having a weekly takeaway
Amount save by not going to the cinema


Average price of coffee:

Average amount spent on lunch:

Average amount spent on The Lottery and scratchcards:

Average amount spent on a night out:

Average spent on a takeaway:

Amount spent on a family trip to the cinema based on average prices at Vue, Cineworld and Odeon for two adult tickets, two children’s tickets, two large popcorns, two large drinks, two small drinks and one pick ’n’ mix.


How cutting out small treats in your life can make a big saving.

Daily Coffee

Give up your fancy coffee in the morning and save:

£894.25 a year

£73.50 a month

£17.15 a week

£2.45 a day*

*Based on the average price of a medium latte.


Daily lunch at work

Take your own lunch into work and save:

£715.68 a year

£59.64 per month

£14.20 a week

£2.84 a day*

*Based on the average amount a worker spends on lunch in the UK


The Lottery

Don’t play The Lottery and save:

£4,160 over ten years

£2,080 over five years

£416 per year*

£35 per month

£8 average per week

*Based on the average amount a person spends on The National Lottery and scratch cards in UK


Night out

Stay in instead of going out and save:

£3,040.96 a year

£263.16 a month

£58.58 a night*

*Based on: Pre-drinks £9.18, Food £15.55, Transport £9.68, Entry Fee £7.70, Drinks in venue £16.37


Takeaway food

Cut out one takeaway a week and save:

£832 per year

£72 per month

£16 per week*

*Based on the average takeaway order bought through Just Eat in the UK


Family cinema trip

Scrap the family cinema trip and save:

£3,583.80 savings over five years

£716.76 savings per year

£59.73 savings per month*

*Based on an average total of £30.13 for tickets, and £29.60 for snacks