Saving money through cycling

If you’re looking to save money on the daily commute, how about fuelling your own journey with pedal power? Cycling to work could save you a small fortune and the benefits don’t stop there. . .

Cheap bike deals

To be able to cycle to work, first you need a bike. Check eBay and Gumtree for cheap second-hand bikes. You might even be able to find one on Freecycle, where people advertise their old helmets, lights and accessories there – all for free. Discount stores like Poundland and Home Bargains also sell cheap cycling equipment.

Save on petrol

With a 10-mile commute at 35mph costing around £1.80 in petrol each way, you could save around to £18 a week in fuel by hopping on your bike. This works out at £72.00 per month, so it really is worth the effort.

Save on fares

Did you know that monthly train tickets can cost up to 14% of the average British wage?

To work your own percentage, divide 100 by the amount you earn each month, then multiply by the amount you spend on transport. You’ll soon see that cutting out your fare by cycling could make you a lot better off.

Save on parking

As well as saving on fuel, cycling to work can also save you a load in parking fees. Chaining up your bike, or even taking it into the office, won’t cost a penny!

Save on the gym

With cycling burning around 650 calories an hour, who needs the gym? If your route takes you 30 minutes each way, you’ll have had a brilliant workout and will have earned yourself the right to put your feet up once you get home. Not only does this mean you can cut out any gym membership fees you pay, it’ll also free up your evenings for other activities.

Low maintenance

Even the most modern bikes are still basically just two wheels and a frame, so the most you’ll ever need to spend to maintain your bike is £10 for a new tyre. And you can do most maintenance yourself with a bit of elbow grease and some help from YouTube.

Meet new people

While cycling to work might seem like a solitary activity, you may find becoming a cyclist opens up new doors in your social life. Cycling clubs are great places to meet new people, and a cycle ride with a friend at the weekend can be a bonding experience. To find a club near you, visit the British Cycling website.

Make it a work thing

With sickness and absence costing the UK £12bn a year, it’s in your employer’s interest to ensure that you and your colleagues stay as fit and well as possible. For this reason, many employers are now running incentive schemes for those who cycle to work. With some firms offering additional time off, a discount on bikes, or even a small bonus per mile, it’s worth talking to your boss to see whether they are interested in starting something for you and your colleagues.

Make a little extra

If you’re looking to make a bit of extra cash, why not learn a little more about your bike, then use this knowledge to help others? Servicing a bike is fairly straightforward, and the know-how is easily found online. Once you get familiar with a screwdriver, try advertising your services locally, and use your hobby to start a small home business.

Whether it’s making friends or toning your calves; saving money or saving the planet, there are so many reasons to unleash your inner cyclist. It’s time to get on your bike!