Holiday by coach and save money

Dismiss the joys of coach travel at your peril. Bus holidays are enjoying a burst of popularity, shedding their fusty image and are actually a really clever way to travel. Don’t believe us? Read on.

Someone else takes the strain

Imagine how lovely it would be if someone else did the map reading, tackled the traffic jams, sorted the tickets, leapt over the language barrier, and paid for the road tolls. That’s exactly what happens on coach holidays. Someone else deals with all the bits of a holiday you hate, while you can just sit back in your reclining seat and enjoy the ride, looking out of the window or watching a film (did we mention most coaches now have Wi-Fi?).

Coach holidays are great value

Travelling by coach generally works out way cheaper than a similar holiday you’d book yourself. By booking as a group, you’re likely to get reduced prices on everything from ferry crossings to wine tastings, and you won’t have to pay for fuel, extra car insurance or overseas breakdown cover. You pay up front for your travel, accommodation and excursions, so there are very few extra costs.

They’re a good laugh

Given that you’ve all booked the same break away, you’ll be surrounded by people who have similar interests to yourself. Whether you’re heading to a gig by your favourite band or Champagne tasting, your fellow travellers are likely to be people with a similar outlook to you. If you go away with a group of friends, you can spend the journey catching up with them rather than working out how to get to your destination.

They go everywhere

Fancy a spa weekend? Want a trip to the races? Looking to go to a concert or sporting event, or simply fancy a relaxing week or two away somewhere hot? Coaches visit these destinations and many, many more. Theatres, Christmas markets, gorgeous gardens and sandy beaches are all accessible by coach.

You can even take a bus for a round the world trip. Oz Bus offers monster trips all the way from London to Kathmandu, Beijing and even on to Australia. Not only are these overland trips kinder to our planet than taking a plane, you also get to really appreciate what that amazing planet looks like along the way.

They’re drawing in a different crowd

The idea that coach trips are for the over 60s is a myth (or just propaganda put out by pensioners to grab all the best seats for themselves!). Leger Holidays recently surveyed passengers before their trip and 71% of them expected everyone on the coach to be over 50. When surveyed after their trip, 47% said that some of their fellow passengers were actually under 40. And 59% would go on to recommend a coach trip to any age group.

So, it’s definitely time to start looking up that next trip, which will introduce you to new people and save you money too.