How to save money on clothes

Fashion is glamorous and feel-good – but it can also be expensive. These tricks will help you find fabulous clothes without overspending.

Look for double discounts

Take to the high street to find the best discounts. TK Maxx is the leading high street store for discounted clothes, but check out its clearance section, with savings of up to 80%, for the very best deals. If you’re a fan of designer wear, the Gold Label collection usually has a clearance section, too.

Savvy sale shopping

Random sale shopping can encourage you to buy clothes you don’t really want, just because they’re cheap. This season, try making a list of clothes you’ve tried on in-store and really love, then track them online to see if they wind up in the sales. You’ll be first to pounce on them when the price comes down and you’ll be buying something you genuinely want or need.

Compare prices online

Finding the best value clothes on the high street can be exhausting. Online shopping avoids blisters and it’s much easier to compare prices. To save even more time, try a price comparison website like Style Compare, which shows you the same style or accessory from up to 69 retailers.

Save your eBay search

Shopping for fashion on eBay can feel overwhelming, but if you’re a fan of a certain style or era, saving your search is a great way to find a bargain. Log in and enter your search terms as normal, then click “save this search” at the top of the page. You’ll now get email alerts whenever new products matching your search are listed. The eBay app makes selling unwanted clothes easy, too: try regular clear-outs to offset your spending and manage your wardrobe.

Long live vintage

Vintage clothes aren’t just a good buy in terms of your finances. Older clothes, particularly from the 1960s and earlier, were made to last. From high quality fabrics to hand finished seams and hems, unique vintage bargains can become your go-to items for many years to come. Chat to the owner of your local vintage boutique about the kinds of clothes you’d like them to look for on your behalf.

Borrow or swap for special occasions

It’s all too easy to waste money on occasion wear. Whether you’re attending a ball, a party or a wedding, fancy frocks and suits can cost a fortune. Then they lurk, unworn, in the back of your wardrobe. Next time you’re going to a special event, ask friends if you can borrow from their closets – and invite them to do the same. You’ll all save money - and “wardrobe raiding” can be loads of fun.

Magic upcycling

You don’t need to be a sewing whizz to revamp the clothes you already own. Basic alteration skills, clever accessorising and your unique fashion imagination can transform unworn pieces – and save hundreds of pounds. You could lengthen a dress with lace, embellish an old cardigan, turn an old shirt into a skirt, refresh your jeans by creating cool cut-offs…the options are endless!

You’ll be a trendsetter before you know it.