How to reduce your water bill

It’s easy to forget your water bill until it arrives. The Energy Saving trust reveals that the average UK household uses a staggering 330 litres each day, which is bad news for your pocket and the environment.

There are stacks of low-cost and even free ways to cut down on your water use and your bills too, which could slash your payments drastically. Read our top tips to find out more.

Consider a water meter

Getting a water meter installed at home can be a great way to save cash, as you only pay for the water you use. You need to be careful though because there’s a chance you could end up paying more, especially if you have a large family in a small home. Normal water bills are calculated according to the size of your house, just like council tax. If you’re unsure if a water meter is a good idea, simply go online to and use this handy calculator to check your potential savings.

Cut down on water use

There are loads of helpful tips to lower your water use at home. For starters, try to take fewer baths: they use far more water than showers. Turn off the tap when washing your face and cleaning your teeth. Only use the dishwasher and washing machine when you have a full load, and don’t pre-rinse dishes beforehand. Keep drinking water in the fridge to chill, rather than running the tap until it’s cold. A water butt is brilliant for storing rainwater that runs off your roof and is great for watering garden plants. In fact, when choosing plants and flowers for your garden, try to pick ones that need less water.

Install water-saving devices

There are now tons of gadgets you can install in your home to help bring down water bills. A water-efficient showerhead is a great addition to your bathroom, allowing less water to flow through but still with a powerful jet. Cistern bags can be added to your toilet to save water each time you flush. While tap aerators adjust the water flow rate in your sink with a saving of up to £36 a year. Head to their website for free – yes free - water-saving devices. All you do is type in your postcode to discover what gadgets are available in your area and your freebies arrive in the post.

Do water-saving DIY

Dab hand at DIY? Take a look at your taps and toilets to check for leaks – a dripping tap or loo can really rack up your water bill over time. For a leaky tap, a common cause is worn washers which you can easily replace. To fix a dripping toilet, a helpful tip is to put food colouring in the tank and if the colour remains after 10-15 minutes, then you may have a leak and need to replace the flapper valve, which is used to stop leaks in the system. If in doubt, ask a plumber for advice.

Ask for help

If you’re struggling to pay your water bill or want some advice on reducing it, always contact your water provider first – they may have money-saving tips to try or payment plans. The Citizens Advice Bureau is a good website for impartial advice. Also ask your water provider about the Watersure scheme, which provides financial help with water bills. To qualify you must be on certain benefits and have three or more children under 19 or have a medical condition that requires more water use in your household.

Those extra pounds will soon be flushed away after following these helpful water tips.