How to play tennis on a budget

Whether you’re witnessing professionals thrash it out in a tournament, or simply having a playing on a local court, tennis can be great fun and ace for your health. It’s time to make a racket and enjoy these money saving tennis servings!

The price tag

For the Serena Williamses of the world, perfecting your game and accessing state of the art equipment might come with a hefty price tag. But there are many ways that you can get into tennis for next to nothing.

If you’re unable to borrow a racket and balls for a quick knockabout, buying them doesn’t have to set you back a fortune. Second-hand sites like Gumtree and eBay can provide you with all the right equipment for a fraction of the cost of buying brand new. If you do want to net some new gear, Sports Direct have discounts all year, including equipment and clothing. It may also be worth checking out your local car boot sales where you’ll probably find a decent racket.

Value venues

Joining a tennis club might set you back over £200 per year but local courts can usually be hired for an hourly rather than an annual fee. Alternatively, some organisations are dedicated to providing families with the opportunity to play – and even be coached – for free. Tennis for Free is a charity dedicated to making tennis available for all, with sessions occurring across many local parks in the UK. It’s worthwhile checking out your local park, as outdoor courts may be available for low or no cost at all.

Sport at school

If your child is keen to take up tennis, it’s worth checking with their school to find out about opportunities to play. Many schools run lunchtime and afterschool clubs, or even allow pupils to play on their courts when school is out. This may also mean that not only will your child get the chance to play, but the school may also be able to provide the equipment too.

Cheaper coaching

If your child needs a little help getting started, it’s worth looking into local coaching options. Club Spark Tennis for Kids sessions offer six coached lessons for your child for £25 – less than £5 a session! And Tennis2Be offer cheaper options for adults who also need a little help with their forehand.

With these tennis game-changers, you’ll be in owning the court before you know it!