How to have a cheap Valentine's Day (without getting in trouble)

If your idea of Valentine's Day hell is getting dressed up to sit in a cramped, overpriced restaurant with 50 other couples and a frantic waiter, then worry not! We are here to help with some thoughtful alternatives…

Home cinema night

Going to watch a movie at the cinema can cost a bomb when you factor in snacks too. Ditch that idea. Instead, go for a classic rom-com on Netflix, deck out the lounge with cosy cushions and dim the lights. Add homemade popcorn, hot dogs and your beau’s favourite drink for a special night in.

Cook up a treat

Avoid the V day crowds completely by dining at home. Impress your partner with a five-course feast: starter, main, desert, cheese and after-dinner liqueur and chocolates. Or how about a DIY cheese-tasting evening? Buy a supermarket cheese platter and nice bottle of red wine for a special soiree, but without the added costs of a meal out.

Take in some culture

Celebrate Valentine’s during the day instead of at night with a trip to a free museum or art gallery. Appreciating culture together is a bonding experience and all that romantic strolling will surely set sparks flying. Who needs giant teddies and heart balloons when you can have Picasso and Van Gogh?

Do a dinner crawl

Mix up your special night by enjoying each dinner course at different locations. First meet at your local for a pre-dinner drink, then hotfoot it home for your home-cooked romantic supper, before heading out for dessert at a nearby bar or restaurant. A fun night out, minus the bank-breaking bill, as you can pick affordable areas you both love.

Sporty date

Enjoy the great outdoors with a joint sporty activity to show the love. Go on a countryside bike ride with a homemade picnic lunch, rent a cheap paddle boat on the river for a giggle or go ice skating together.

Party for two

For a low-cost yet fun night out, have dinner at home and then head out to catch some free entertainment like a comedy night or gig at a local pub. Your only spend should be your drinks, as you can take a romantic stroll to the venue or drive there instead.

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