How to declutter your wardrobe

Now is the perfect time to declutter and organise your wardrobe. There’s plenty of options for tired and forgotten clothes, from upcycling, selling and swapping. So it’s time to get savvy with your sort-out. Follow these tips for a successful wardrobe makeover…

Sell clothes online

Too many clothes that you are not sure you really need? Dresses you’ve fallen out of love with? High heels you’ll never walk in again? Instead of chucking them out, make a little money by selling them online at sites like eBay, Vinted and ASOS Marketplace. Regular sellers say trend pieces often sell better than top designer names, so it’s not all about labels. Even simpler, use an app like ThredUp where you simply send off a bag of old clothes and they sell them for you.

Repair and rewear

Before you part with your favourite jumper just because it has a hole in the sleeve, take a minute... Could it be repaired? Often quick and easy, there are a whole host of websites with how-to fix your clothes videos to follow. Take a look at Love Your Clothes or iFix It or for instructions on everything from mending zips to re-hemming a skirt. You’ll be charging for your sewing skills before you know it!

Upcycle outfits

Heard of upcycling? It’s the idea of reusing old clothing by changing its purpose. A tired old shirt could make a smart pillowcase, or a handful of tired t-shirts might become a stylish quilt. People upcycle all kinds of clothing, from turning tops into shorts and skirts ending up as bags. It’s a fun hobby that’s kind to the environment. Check out Upcycle That for ideas.

Throw a ‘Swish’ party

Another clever way to recycle old clothes is to swap them with your friends. ‘Swish’ parties are becoming very popular events that are so simple to host and attend; all you do is bring at least one item in good condition, browse the clothes on offer and then swap. There’s also an array of fab clothes swapping apps online if you’d rather swap that way.


Bored of your clothes but too sentimental to part with them? Why not store outfits away to pass on to your children or nieces and nephews? By the time they are teenagers, your simple wardrobe basics such as skinny jeans and floral prints will probably be back on-trend and the kids will be able to save and be sentimental by wearing your old clothes.