Fireworks night on a budget

It’s fireworks night this weekend and many of us will be thinking about going to a local fireworks display. But with the cost of professional shows rocketing, it might be an idea to put on your own at home – saving money in the process.

Lighting the fuse

A family of four attending a professional show might have to shell out around £30 for entry. But you can buy a decent family box of fireworks for around £15 from many shops. Plan ahead by shopping online to save even more: firework specialists Epic Fireworks sells selection packs from under £5 a box.

Having fireworks at home also means you have the excitement of planning your own sequence, lighting the fireworks yourself (carefully of course) and going ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ without someone’s head blocking your view.

Sweets and treats

Not only can entrance to a fireworks display be costly, you’ll probably also find yourself stumping up for snacks – burger vans, pizza kiosks and stalls selling hot drinks will all clean up on November 5th.

Instead, take advantage of supermarket deals to stock up on quick and easy party food to cook at home at a fraction of the cost. And, if cooking’s not your thing, most supermarkets sell party food and pre-cooked snacks you can just open and serve.

Make a night of it

For a really enjoyable night invite a few friends and relatives to the do. Watching fireworks in a small group can make your display feel more of an event. You could even ask your mates to chip in for the fireworks, or bring a few treats with them, helping to drive the cost down further.

Don’t forget Guy

The tradition of burning a Guy Fawkes on the bonfire is often skipped at professional events. To make one, stuff old clothes full of newspaper, add a paper-bag head and get the kids to decorate. This free activity will be fun for the kids, and is sure to make the fire roar!

Warm your cockles

There’s no better tipple on a cold night than a warm mulled wine. Many supermarkets sell 75cl bottles of ready-spiced red for under £4, meaning a small glass costs under £1. Compare this to the price at your local fireworks display and it will be more than the wine making you smile!

Staying safe

It is important that if you are hosting a fireworks display at your home that you and your guests stay safe. Make sure to wear gloves when lighting the fireworks or handling sparklers. Stand well back from the fireworks when they are going off and if you have asthma, a heart condition or further breathing issues it’s best to enjoy them from inside. To find out more on how to stay safe Bonfire Night Safety have all the information you need.

With a little forward-planning, you can ensure your fireworks night goes off with a (safe) bang, without blowing your budget.